privacy policy


This policy is applicable to the Processing of customers’ Personal Data at all companies included in the Tec For Deals (“Tec For Deals”, “our”, “us” or “we”). The purpose of this policy is to provide our current, former and potential customers (jointly referred to as “customers” or “you”) with a general understanding of:

  • – The circumstances under which we collect and process your Personal Data
  • – The types of Personal Data we collect
  • – The reasons for collecting your Personal Data
  • – How we handle your Personal Data
  • – Contact details for us so you can receive information about and claim your rights in relation to our processing of your Personal Data.

This policy is updated continuously to reflect the measures taken by Tec For Deals in relation to your Personal Data.


Your Personal Data belongs to you. We strive not to make any assumptions regarding your privacy preferences and aim to design our services so that you can choose whether or not to share your Personal Data with us.


It is Tec For Deals’ policy to comply with the applicable laws, rules and regulations governing privacy and data protection in each and every country where we operate. Where necessary, we will adjust our Processing of your Personal Data as described in this policy to ensure legal compliance.

The Personal Data which Tec For Deals collects about you and the vehicle will be used:

  • – to provide you with products and services, including to verify your eligibility for certain purchases and services as well as to offer you enhanced offers and experiences;
  • – to inform you of updates to, or changes in, our products and services, including but not limited to changes to our terms and conditions and policies;
  • – to inform you of new products, services and events;
  • – for product development purposes, for example to improve vehicle performance, quality and safety;
  • – to evaluate and improve our offering to, and communication with customers;
  • – to comply with legal requirements or lawful authority requests;
  • – to inform you about our products and services and identify those that may be of interest to you;
  • – to carry out market research; and
  • – for analysis and customer profiling purposes (online and social included) done by ourselves and our chosen suppliers.


Where reasonably practical or as required by applicable law, we will obtain your consent prior to collecting or using your Personal Data. The request for your consent will be clear and specific and provide you with a reasonable basis with which to make your decision. We will never take your consent for granted. Instead, we will make sure that you can consent in a clear and transparent manner. Your consent is voluntary and may always be revoked, for example by terminating a particular service or contacting Tec For Deals at the address indicated in the “Information and access” section below. If you do not give your consent, it may not be possible to use services or parts of services.


For most Processing acts, you are able to terminate our use of your Personal Data by updating your preferences, terminating a particular service, revoking your consent to the Processing by contacting Tec For Deals at the address indicated in the “Information and access” section below or as otherwise instructed by us. However, and unless otherwise follows from applicable law, you may generally not opt out of the Processing of your Personal Data:

  • – in relation to certain acts of collection and further Processing of your Vehicle-recorded data relating to safety, quality and product improvement;
  • – which we perform in order to send you important notices, such as changes to our terms and conditions and policies or in case of product recalls; and
  • – which we perform in order to comply with our legal obligations.


We will only retain your Personal Data for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this policy or the purposes of which you have otherwise been informed. This means that when you have consented to our Processing of your Personal Data, we will retain the data for as long as the customer relationship lasts (and, where applicable, until the expiry of the warranty period) or until you withdraw your consent. If you have revoked your consent, we may nevertheless retain certain Personal Data for the period required in order for us to meet our legal obligations and defend ourselves in legal disputes. If we have not received your consent for Processing, the Personal Data will only be retained to the extent we are permitted to do so by law.


In general, you can visit Tec For Deals websites without telling us who you are or revealing any information about yourself. However, to be able to provide you with certain services or offerings, we often need to record certain items of Personal Data such as your name and email address. We may also collect (by means of cookies) anonymous information on how you have used our websites prior to such recording. This information will be helpful to us in order to improve our websites or marketing. All Tec For Deals websites open to our customers include information concerning our use of cookies. For certain countries there is also an online procedure for accepting or declining cookies.


As a result of legal requirements, we have to monitor how our system works, including the vehicles we have produced. This means that we collect sample data from these vehicles.


Lodging of complaint to supervisory authority If you are of the opinion that we are processing your personal data in violation of data protection laws and regulations you have the right to lodge a complaint with your supervisory authority.