How to pick a stroller? Mom, are you really right

Baby strollers are essential “big things” in baby items.

Many treasure moms choose from pregnancy.

Good shock absorption, high landscape but not light enough

Inappropriate seat angle affects baby’s spine development

Whether the fabric is breathable, wheel flexibility, handlebar adjustment

Too much to consider

I don’t know how to “get started”

Today we will talk about

How to choose a baby stroller!

Different ages of baby, the demand for the stroller is different, plus the living environment, the way of travel, it can be said that no baby stroller can meet all needs.

Basically, each baby needs to use three strollers during the age of 0~4 years. If conditions do not allow, there must be at least two.

0~1 years old: tall and sturdy baby stroller

  • The pollution is serious outdoors, and the pollutants are close to the ground, which will affect the newborn’s respiratory system and even brain development. Therefore, Bao Ma should try to choose a tall baby stroller for her baby.
  • The high landscape pram can also bring the distance between the baby and the mother closer for communication and viewing.
  • At the same time, it can give your baby a better view. Sitting high is far away~

Keyword-shock absorption

  • The most taboo for a baby is to shake the head when the stairs are up and down. Because of this period, TA’s brain and spine development are immature, shock absorption is very important for the baby of this period.


The damping effect of the tire is not only related to the material of the tire, but also related to the size. Generally, the inflated rubber tire has better shock absorption effect and is more durable. But the rubber material is also good or bad, and the treasure moms should pay attention to when picking.

The carts with wide and large wheels are not as light and flexible as the carts with small wheels, but they are better for stability and shock absorption, and are more suitable for younger babies. When choosing, you can follow the principle that the baby is smaller and the wheel is bigger.


The frame of the bow structure can provide a good shock absorber effect. The material of the frame is very important, and the aluminum alloy is durable and light, which is the best choice. Stainless steel carts are durable but heavy, and plastic carts are lighter but have a shorter lifespan, making them a secondary choice. Follow the principle that the smaller the baby, the better the material.


The damping effect of the spring is related to the material and number of turns of the spring itself. Whether it is external or built-in, it is installed on the wheel or on the frame. The shock absorption effect of the stroller still needs to be judged beforehand.

  • Although the stroller has a certain damping effect, if you encounter a particularly uneven road surface, Bao Ma still needs to hold the baby up to protect the baby’s safety and extend the life of the stroller.

Keyword – seat direction

It is best to choose a seat that can be adjusted in both directions. The baby seat in 1 year old should be as close as possible to the parent. Not only can face-to-face increase parent-child communication, but also give the baby enough security, and can observe the baby at any time. Is there a cover towel or clothing that blocks the nose and mouth?

Keyword – seat angle

European and American countries stipulate that the maximum tilt angle of the stroller seat should not exceed 175°. The reason is that when the baby is lying flat at 180°, if the baby is spit due to bumpy roads or other reasons, the parents are not found in time and it is easy to be dangerous. Therefore, the treasure mothers should not choose a seat that can be 180° flat because the baby is too small to sit up.

Where to pick a baby stroller?

Pick seat

If the seat is too thin and too flat, there is no supporting force, which causes the baby to fall in the car. If the seat is too soft, it will easily cause the spine to bend. It is recommended that the seat should be moderately soft and soft, the baby should have a head and neck protection, or the mother can add a non-slip mat.

Pick a seat belt

When buying a cart, be sure to try the seat belt. It is best to choose a fastener that is strong and durable. It is easy for an adult to open and the baby is difficult to open. It is recommended that the mothers buy a five-point seat belt to make the seat belt fit the baby’s body and the material is thick enough to prevent the baby from sliding down the cart.

Pick up the brakes

It is best to choose a stroller with the function of “one brake on two brakes”. Because “one brake on two brakes” is safer and more reliable, you can brake both wheels and unlock the brakes at the same time with your foot.

Pick handle

Bao Dabao’s height is different. The height of the handle is suitable for Bao Ma. When Bao Bao is strolling, he is very tired. He has to be hung on his back. It is highly suitable for Bao Da, and Bao’s arm will always be very high. So choose the handle that can adjust the direction, everyone is comfortable!

Baby carriage misunderstanding

Mistaken one free to leave the cart

Many parents often push the baby while shopping, and they release the baby carriage if they are not careful. If the baby carriage is pushed open, knocked over, or the baby climbs up and down the cart, even It’s very dangerous for strangers to take away… Bao Ma can never leave the cart at will, always pay attention to the safety of the baby.

Misunderstanding, two people carry the car together

It is dangerous for parents to move up the stairs together with the baby and the cart, and this behavior is not uncommon. If the folding device on the cart slides or fails, the baby is squeezed into the car, causing serious consequences of poor breathing and even life-threatening.

Misunderstanding three is not wearing a seat belt

Going out, it is inevitable that there will be bumps on the road and left and right. If you don’t fix your baby, it can easily lead to spinal and body injuries. In addition, if the naughty “Xiongbao” jumps up and down on the cart, there is a danger of falling or causing a rollover!

Misunderstanding four parking does not step on the brakes

Everything is dangerous when you are “inadvertent”. Even if you want to stop temporarily, you must remember to step on the brakes, because if you accidentally let go, it may cause the cart to slide far away, which is dangerous.

Misunderstanding five cars hanging toys

Don’t hang all kinds of toys on the stroller to tease your baby, because the toy will shake when the cart is shaking. If the baby keeps staring, the eyes will adjust the focal length continuously, which is easy to fatigue and may cause vision loss. In addition, the toy will block the baby’s line of sight, but it is more likely to cause the baby to cry or jump up and down, the probability of danger is too great!