The difference between a four-wheeled baby stroller and a three-wheeled baby stroller – that’s good

In life, what we usually see is four-wheeled baby strollers. Three-wheeled baby strollers are rare, but three-wheeled strollers are gradually being used and used by more and more families. The selection is much more, and it is inevitable that some of the parents will be entangled in the selection of the three rounds is still good for four rounds. Today’s announcement is based on objective analysis and comparison of the next three-wheeled stroller and four-wheeled stroller.

Interior space Most three-wheeled baby strollers have a larger internal space, while the four-wheeled stroller has a relatively smaller internal space, so in terms of interior space, the three-wheeled baby stroller is broad.

Due to the three-wheeled layout of the three-wheeled stroller, the steering is more sensitive than the four-wheeled stroller, and it is easier to control because it is sensitive.

The safety function has been learned in junior high school mathematics, and the triangle has stability. Therefore, the parents who are worried about the instability of the three-wheeled baby stroller can completely eliminate this scruples. Of course, the four rounds are more secure than the three rounds. Doubt, if you are looking for high stability, it is still advocating the selection of four-wheeled baby strollers.

Shock absorbers Three-wheeled baby strollers are mostly pneumatic tires, so the shock absorber function is very outstanding. Four-wheeled strollers usually have more inflatable tires on the rear wheels and more non-pneumatic tires on the front wheels. However, there are currently four-wheeled strollers that depict springs that are used for shock absorption in the vicinity of the axles. Therefore, it is impossible to evaluate the shock absorber function. It depends on what kind of baby trolley you have selected. .


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